Ninja Master Prep Review

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When striving to keep fit, arming yourself with powerful appliances that support healthy eating is a good idea. One such device is the Ninja Master Prep. As one of the best sellers among blenders and food processors, the Ninja Master Prep is a powerful, efficient, and useful appliance that dices, chops, minces, purees, and blends. Therefore, the types of healthy meals and snacks you can prepare with this blender are plenty ranging from frozen drinks and smoothies to salads. What’s more, the included functions make short work of various food prepping tasks like dicing ingredients, cutting onions, vegetables, etc.

Features Of The Ninja Master Prep

Designed to provide users with an easy time in the kitchen, the Ninja Master Prep has several features that are geared towards providing the best user experience. These include:

• A power pod, which works using 400-Watts. This power comes in handy when dealing with hard ingredients, as it provides the Ninja Master Prep with the ability to handle several tough tasks ranging from blending frozen fruits to crashing ice.

• Multi-functionality that is made possible by several interchangeable parts which include a 16 oz bowl, a 48 oz pitcher, 2 blade sets, and 2 storage lids. The 2 blade sets feature 4 & 6 blades that make quick work of prepping and blending ingredients.

• Pulse technology activated via a one-touch pulsing button. This tech helps ensure ultimate speed, control, and consistent results.

Is The Ninja Master Prep Worth Buying?

This Ninja kitchen appliance is quite popular with a majority of its users leaving reviews that are very positive. The appliance is affordable, easy to handle, and has the speed and power to effectively blend, chop, dice, mince, and puree a wide range of ingredients. All these qualities make it a great kitchen tool.

• Has a compact size that makes it easy to find a storage space
• Is dishwasher safe
• The blender’s pitchers can double up as storage containers thanks to the inclusion of lids for each pitcher
• The 48 oz pitcher provides adequate room for handling large batches of ingredients and ensuring even results

• The noise created during use falls a bit on the loud side


This blender has more than earned its place as one of the enviable home appliances. Its power and versatility are a huge plus. So, if you are a health nut or someone looking to kick bad eating habits, this Ninja blender would make a nice addition to your kitchen countertop.

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