Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up Review

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Calisthenic enthusiasts will tell you that you really only need 2 exercises for a full body workout.

The squat and the push-up.

For bodyweight exercises, “the push-up is king”, since every muscle in the body can be kept under tension for each rep.

The push-up is a simple exercise: you place your hands on the ground, shoulder width apart, keep your body rigid and not lax, and simply push yourself away from the floor for a set number of reps.

Most would agree that there’s nothing more to it.

But maybe there is…

Did you know that different muscle groups in the body are worked more, depending on the position of the hands and arms?

For example, doing “diamond” push-ups can target mainly triceps, while wide grip push-ups result in less activation in the chest, but 20% more in the biceps.

This is very interesting.

It shows that you truly can ‘sculpt’ your upper body in the way that you choose by using different variations of one exercise.

Depending on the push-up positioning of the hands and arms, you can develop the back, chest, shoulders and triceps, or focus on the upper body as a whole by doing multiple variations.

However, learning the positioning of each variation of push-up can be a chore, and keeping correct form, and tough to remember in each workout.

That’s where the Power Press Push-up Training System comes in.

Color Coded Board

The Power Press Push Up Training System is a simple color coded board with two detachable push-up handles.

Using handles themselves can be better for grip and arm strength, but this goes one step further.

Color coded slots on the push up board allow multiple grip positions to target select muscle groups:

  • Red: Shoulders
  • Yellow: Back
  • Green: Triceps
  • Blue: Chest

Each side of the push up board is a mirror image of the other.

Allowing you to quickly select one of the 14 preset positions by simply moving the handle and pushing into the allocated slots.

By using each position, the board almost forces you to adapt proper form, reducing risk of injury and promoting better muscle growth.

Tone & Burn workout DVD

The Power Press package includes a workout DVD and calendar, a total body workout routine designed to be used with the color coding of the board.

This is not to be underestimated. Most of the glowing reviews for the Power Press come from those who followed the DVD and workout schedule.

Using the color coded handle position gives an incentive and motivation to complete each workout, and the DVD guides you along.

Easy storage and assembly

The 38×24 inch board splits into two so can be easily stored away and will not take up too much space.

Power Press Push Up Positives

  • Challenging workout motivates
  • Handle positioning keeps form
  • High quality and easy to store
  • Wide grip handles prevent wrist pain associated with regular push-ups

Possible Negatives

  • Sometimes items arrive damaged (though likely due to transit)
  • Some complaints about discomfort of handles


This heavy-duty push up training system can take a simple exercise to a whole new level.

Safe, easy to use, easy to store, and results have been proven by users.

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