KT Tape Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Sports Tape Review

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The first question that you may have is why would I ever buy tape, how could that possibly help me when playing sports or working out?

Well, many professional athletes actually use these specialty tapes to help them when they train and when they actually perform.

There are actual, tangible benefits to specialty tape like KT Tape.

In fact, this tape is so effective, it has been endorsed by Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh, for reasons that you will see shortly.

Key Features

  • Made entirely from synthetic fiber to ensure long-lasting use.
  • Lightweight and doesn’t restrict mobility.
  • Sweat, water, and humidity resistant.
  • Reduces pain and pressure on muscles.
  • Comes precut and ready to use.

Is KT Tape Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Sports Tape Worth Your Money?

Let’s start off the short review by talking about the most tangible benefit to KT Tape, which is how it works to reduce muscle pressure and pain.

It goes without saying that any serious physical activity that you can think of (swimming, tennis, hockey, football, sprinting, etc.) put serious strain your muscles and inevitably, this strain leads to serious muscle pain.

Now, typically people will be told to just power through the pain, but with this tape, they don’t have to.

KT Tape works to reduce the pressure on muscles and thereby reduce pain.

By reducing muscle pain, KT Tape not only makes your post-workout recovery more tolerable (because you don’t have to deal with pain), but it also makes it shorter, so athletes can get back to training quicker.

No matter what sport or activity you do, KT Tape can be helpful for you.

This is due to the fact that is very resistant to sweat, water, and humidity.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are swimming or sprinting, you can rest easy knowing that the tape is going to stay in place.

The tape is also very easy to apply. It’s precut, so you just have to take out strips and place them over muscles that you plan on targeting during your workout.

Overall, this is a great product that both athletes and amateurs alike can find a lot of use in.

However, there is an issue that we have to mention, which is that it can be difficult to figure out where exactly to put the tape.

There aren’t really any instructions or guides on how to identify where the tape works most effectively.

For example, if you want to target your leg muscles, should the tape be placed on the back or the side of the leg?

These sorts of questions need to be answered on your own sadly.

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