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Kettlebells are exploding with popularity, and for good reason.

They’re versatile, affordable, fun to use, and effective. More and more people are using kettlebells in their fitness routines, and there is often a shortage of them in gyms during peak times.

Many gym owners don’t purchase enough kettlebells, and that often leads to waiting times for workouts.

While traveling, you may find that hotel gyms don’t have kettlebells at all, and if they do, there’s usually not many available.

You also may not have a choice in kettlebell weight, and this can be a problem for beginners because the kettlebell might be too heavy, but it can also be a problem for a novice because the kettlebell could be too light.

Luckily, there is now a product that can solve the problem of not having access to a kettlebell when needed.

The KETTLE GRYP is a portable dumbbell adapter that turns dumbbells with a handle under 1.5 inches in diameter into a kettlebell for your workout. It’s easy to use, affordable, and versatile.

Features of KETTLE GRYP

  • Turns dumbbells into a kettlebell. It can be used with dumbbells up to 55 lbs with a handle less than 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • Lightweight, weighing less than one pound.
  • Made from a heavy-duty, durable plastic.
  • Easy to use, well-designed product. Just place around the dumbbell handle and snap into place.
  • Perfect for use when the kettlebells at the gym are taken or during travel when kettlebells may not be available.

Is KETTLE GRYP Worth Buying?

If you don’t own a kettlebell, but do have compatible dumbbells, you may consider buying the KETTLE GRYP instead of purchasing a kettlebell.

If you do have a kettlebell, you may consider the KETTLE GRYP for travel, especially if you depend on a kettlebell for your regular fitness routine.

This is also a great purchase if you’re tired of having to wait for a kettlebell at the gym.

KETTLE GRYP is a great value.

It’s an affordable, high-quality product that comes with a lifetime warranty.

With a guarantee like that, it’s difficult to think of a reason not to try this product. KETTLE GRYP is made of a high-quality, durable plastic.

It’s compact and lightweight, weighing in at under 1 pound, so it’s perfect for travel.

This product is easy to use.

All you have to do is open the grip up, slide it around the handle of the dumbbell, and snap it closed. When you’re finished, all you have to do is open it back up.

KETTLE GRYP works with dumbbells up to 55 pounds with a handle under 1.5 inches in diameter. They will not work with Powerblock or other large handled dumbbells.

Other than not working with large-handled dumbbells, the only problem with these is that people who sweat a lot on their hands may want to purchase kettlebell gloves to aid with grip.

This portable dumbbell adapter is an excellent product to add to your gym bag. It’s great for use at home, in the gym, or when traveling.

It’s a high-quality, durable product, that is practical and affordable.

The lifetime warranty guarantees satisfaction, so you can be confident in your decision to purchase this product.

Also, this would be a great gift for someone that routinely uses a kettlebell and travels frequently.

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