JONYJ Yoga Socks for Women Review

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If you do yoga on something besides a dedicated yoga mat, then you are putting yourself in a surprisingly dangerous situation.

Many yoga poses are quite intricate, and one slip could result in an extremely painful fall.

Thankfully, even if you don’t use a yoga mat, you can eliminate the chances of slipping by using a pair of yoga socks.

In this review, find out whether the JONYJ Yoga Socks for Women are a good investment for you.

Key Features of the JONYJ Yoga Socks for Women

  • Bottom is made using 100% silicone gel grips for extra grip
  • Made from very soft cotton
  • Can be used for yoga, or for any other exercise done hardwood floors
  • 4 pairs per purchase

Are JONYJ Yoga Socks for Women Worth Your Money?

Regular socks make you vulnerable to slipping hardwood floors that are cleaned and polished regularly.

This is the case with many places where sports or other exercise routines are done, which is why those floors tend to be so slippery.

So, having a bit of extra grip can be helpful.

This is where these socks come into play.

Regular socks tend to be made solely from fabric, but these socks feature silicone gel grips on the bottom.

These provide extra grip, while not making you feel “stuck” to the ground.

The socks are also very comfortable. They are made of 100% cotton, so they’re soft and breathable.

In fact, they are so comfortable, that you will probably end up wearing them even when you aren’t on hardwood flooring.

They also serve another function, which is to keep your feet clean and healthy.

The material is designed to absorb sweat, which can help prevent it from fueling the growth of foot bacteria.

This is really important if you do intense exercise since foot bacteria can end up being a major concern for those who sweat a lot.

These socks are obviously useful for anyone who exercises on hardwood floors, this includes people who do yoga, Pilates, ballet, etc.

They are also useful for people who have mobility issues and who also have hardwood floors in their home.

If you know any elderly people who have issues walking, these socks can be really helpful and can prevent some nasty accidents from occurring.

Finally, pregnant women or people suffering from leg/foot related injuries may also find that these socks are useful since they can help those groups overcome balance issues that they may be having.

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