How to Get Rid of Arm Flab

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Arm flab is a common appearance issue mainly among women, although men can be sensitive with it too.

Tricep exercises can help get rid of it by creating more definition and toning of the triceps. But in getting rid of arm flab, not all tricep exercises are as effective as others.

In a study by the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, 70 women participants were fitted with electromagnetic electrodes that would record the amount of real-time muscle activity of each exercise that was in a battery meant to work just the triceps.

Triangle Push-Up

What the study found is from all of the exercises, the triangle push-up produced the most activity in triceps. In many aspects, the triangle is similar to other push-up positions, but it is the placement of the hands that makes this move so effective.

Start by placing your hands directly under your chest. Position the tips of your right and left forefingers together at the top of the triangle with your two thumbs in a straight line with each other to form the bottom line of the geometric.

The actual movement can be done from either on your knees or toes.

While pulling in your abdominal core muscles and keeping your back in a straight line from your shoulders to your butt (if on your knees) or heels (if on your toes), lower yourself down as far as you can go, pause and push yourself back up to the starting position.

Two Other Exercises Worth Doing

The study also found that tricep kickbacks and dips produced almost as much activity as the triangle push-up, so these two exercises should also be added to your arm flab exercise repertoire, if nothing else for variety.

Tricep Kickbacks

Start by standing or leaning over a bench with a dumbbell in your dominant hand. If standing, place your opposite foot forward. If leaning on a bench hold on with your opposite hand.

If standing, lean forward by bending at the hips and while bending at the elbow, lift the dumbbell straight up. Once your upper arm is parallel with the floor, move your forearm back and up until it is almost in line with your upper arm. Pause and return to the starting position.


As a word of caution, dips place a large amount of stress on the shoulders, so if they are an issue for you, proceed doing dips with extreme caution or consider not doing them at all.

If you decide to perform dips, start by sitting on a chair or bench with your legs straight and in front of you. Now, while grabbing the edge of the chair or bench, move forward slightly until your body is off the surface and you are supported only by your hands and arms.

Slowly bend your arms at the elbows until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Once at the bottom of the move, pause and push yourself back up to the starting position.

Less Effective Exercises

Another outcome from the study found some other commonly performed tricep exercises, such as extensions (both the standard extension and lying barbell), push-downs and the close-grip bench press were less effective at getting rid of arm flab than the triangle push-up, kickback and dip.

While still effective, they produced less activity than the other three exercises.

Triangle push-ups, kickbacks and dips are tricep exercises that will minimize arm flab to give you a more tone and definition to the bottom of your upper arms.

3 Bodyweight Exercises for Toning Your Arms

Everyone, regardless of gender, wants to have impressive and better-looking arms.

Men usually want massive, muscular biceps and triceps whereas women prefer their arms toned and slender. Whichever side of the spectrum you fall, there is no doubt that muscular or toned arms look impressive and attractive. Unfortunately, this is not an inherent quality that people are born having.

Toned arms are the result of serious time committed towards a regular weight lifting fitness routine.

This is a known fact and that is why most gyms are packed wall-to-wall with weights.

But, did you know that you can develop well-toned arms even without weights or sophisticated strength training equipment?

To help you get started, here are 3 bodyweight exercises for toning your arms.

1) Triceps Dips without Parallel Bar Station

This compound bodyweight exercise adds mass to your triceps. It is a staple of any strength training program for the upper body.

You may be discouraged to try this workout if you don’t have access to parallel bars. But, you can improvise with some common household furniture to perform a modified tricep dip at home. Here’s how to accomplish this goal.

Step1: Stand between two tables or backs of two chairs placed about shoulder width apart. Make sure the furniture you use is sturdy enough to support your weight.

Step 2: Hold on the chair edges or tabletops with both hands at our sides while keeping elbows straight and palms facing down. Keep your feet off the floor by bending your knees. This will be the starting position.

Step3: Dip towards the floor by bending the elbows until your upper arms make a right angle (or slightly less than 90-degrees) with the forearms. Push yourself up to the starting position by straightening the elbows without touching the floor with your feet. This motion completes one repetition. Repeat several tricep dips at least 6-12 times to complete one set.

2) Chin Ups Without Bar

The chin up is a bodyweight exercise that targets your latissimus dorsi in the upper back and bicep muscles of your upper forearms. It is very similar to a pull-up only that your palms will face the body when performing a chin-up.

A chin-up bar is required for this workout, but you can still use a sturdy door frame instead by following these steps.

Step 1: Stand in a doorway and extend both arms overhead to grab the horizontal part of the door frame with your palms facing your body.

Step 2: Raise your body toward the ceiling until your chin is slightly above the door frame, lifting both legs off the ground. Your elbows will be fully bent as well as the knees. Keep the feet crossed to distribute your body’s weight evenly. Inhale during this portion of the routine and squeeze your core to maintain a straight back.

Step 3: Next, lower your body down until both elbows become straight to complete one repetition. Repeat this range of motion 3-5 times to complete one set.

3) Diamond Pushups

Regular push-ups mostly target your chest muscles, but a slight variation of this upper body workout can place more emphasis on your triceps. That is exactly what a diamond push does. Here’s how to perform one with proper form.

Step1: Get into a regular push-up position palms facing down and fingers spread out. Bring your elbows closer together until the index fingers and thumbs of both hands form a diamond shape on the floor. This will be your starting posture.

Step 2: In one controlled motion, slowly lower your chest until it almost touches the ground. Keep your glutes, abs and thigh muscles tight throughout the movement.

Step3: Complete one rep by returning to the starting position. Aim for 10-30 diamond pushups in one set.

In conclusion, it is important to point out that most arm workouts place a lot of stress on the shoulders. So, talk to your doctor before attempting arm-toning workouts if you have had previous shoulder injuries.

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