The Ultimate Gym Equipment For Busy People

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Yes, it’s pretty cool to walk in to a well equipped gym with shiny pieces of equipment as far as the eye can see.

People lined up on rows of treadmills twenty wide, all going nowhere, like a hamster on a wheel, to the different tunes blaring in their ears.

Wonderful, sleek and shiny pieces of equipment for you to super isolate every single little muscle on your body for that ‘complete’ workout that will give you results you never even imagined.

Just don’t forget to wipe off all that gross, now cold, sweat from the previous hundred people who used that same piece of equipment.

Don’t forget to wait a half hour so you can hit the bench press guys.

Oh no, did that guy just walk off with the dumbbells you were using for the second exercise in your superset?

Okay, so maybe well equipped gyms aren’t always all that.

Sure, it’s nice to have variety in terms of the equipment you have available and many people find working out in a gym to be motivational, with all those other hard workers stomping on treadmills, throwing weights around, and grunting like their lives depended on it.

But it’s also nice to be able to get in a good, quality, results producing workout any time, any where, without making the trek to the gym.

Don’t always have enough time to get to the gym, get in a workout and get home?

Don’t always feel like it?

That’s where bodyweight training comes into play.

It doesn’t take any equipment other than your own body to get in a results producing workout. And the time factor is negligible.

Bodyweight exercises have progressions and regressions so you can make them easier or harder depending on your level of strength, or what you want to accomplish with your workout.

Let’s take a quick look at the classic push up.

You can put your hands further apart or closer together. You can do push ups from the knees. You can do spiderman push ups, explosive push ups, clap push up, super slow push ups, feet elevated push ups and more.

One key to bodyweight exercise, while not something you’ll want to do all the time depending on your goals, but is effective for both building lean muscle as well as boosting your metabolism and burning fat, is focusing on doing more quality work in less time.

This means focusing on two types of training, instead of the more traditional do a set of X number of reps, then rest for X minutes and repeat.

Instead, your workouts should focus on completing a total number of reps, resting whenever you need to, and going for a total time that you’ll then look to beat in the future.

A simple workout example of this type is the following:

Take two exercises, the bodyweight squat and the push up.

Do two hundred squats and one hundred push ups. Alternate the exercises, rest when needed and go untl you hit the two hundred and one hundred mark.

Oh, and make sure the push ups are at least half the squat total. So if you do twenty squats before switching to push ups, you must do ten push ups before going back to squats.

Keep you total time and try and improve upon that the next time you do the workout.

With interval training you are doing the complete opposite. You’ll do an exercise for a set amount of time, say forty seconds, and complete as many repetitions in that amount of time before resting and repeating.

The intervals may be forty seconds of work followed by twenty seconds of rest. You might repeat that exercise for a specific number of rounds.

Or you might go through certain exercises, one “set” of forty seconds at a time, before doing the whole thing again for a certain number of rounds.

In the first example, you might do push ups for three rounds of forty seconds of exercise followed by twenty seconds of rest and then move on to the same thing with squats.

In the second example you do forty seconds of push ups followed by twenty seconds of rest followed by forty seconds of squats, etc.

Your exercises can have different, and more, exercises. The squat push up is just an easy example to follow.

There are many bodyweight exercises to choose from and many have a lot of variety within the exercise itself, like the push up examples above.

Here’s a partial list to get you started

  • Forward Lunge
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Bulgarian Split Squat
  • Jump Squat
  • Bodyweight Squat
  • Squat Thrust
  • Burpee
  • Speed Skater
  • Hand to Forearm Plank
  • Push Up (see variations above)

If you struggle to find time to workout, or you just don’t like going to the gym, or don’t have a lot of space at home, consider giving bodyweight training a try.

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