George Foreman GRP1060B 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill Review

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Save yourself the mess and hassle of grilling food by using this simple and quick George Foreman grill. While most small portable grills will allow you to make one or two meals at once, this version lets you make four meals at the same time, helping you to save precious minutes after work or in the morning. If you’re looking for an affordable grill to add to your collection of kitchen appliances, this could be a great option to consider.

Key Features of the George Foreman GRP1060B 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill

  • Heats up 35% faster than previous George Foreman grills
  • Takes just 10 minutes to cook food
  • Durable coating to make it stronger and long-lasting
  • Removable plates which are dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick coating

Pros and Cons of the George Foreman GRP1060B 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill

If you’re looking for a grill that works fast, look no further. None of the previous models from George Foreman heat up as quickly as this one does, which means less waiting time for your meal. As well as heating up quickly so you can get your food on the grill faster, there is also less cooking time than other grills. When you’re hungry after work or don’t have much time, you can still make yourself hearty meals such as grilled chicken and mixed vegetables.

The durable non-stick coating is ideal for this type of grill, since it will last longer and also means you don’t need to use oil and butter when cooking. This will save you time and effort when it comes to cleaning the grill. When you’ve finished with it, you can remove the plates and put them in the dishwasher.

As for the negatives, the lack of an on/off switch might put some people off, however, this problem can be resolve by simply unplugging it when you’re finished and plugging it in when you want to use it again. Thicker meats or paninis can be difficult to grill using this version without drying them out. Since it is a relatively small grill, it is not necessarily designed for grilling larger items.

Overall, this particular George Foreman model is ideal for single people, students or couples who don’t want anything too expensive yet want to benefit from the speed and ease of a small and portable grill.

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