Garmin vivofit 3 Activity Tracker Review

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Are you looking for a quality activity tracker? Or are you simply looking for an activity tracker that comes with unparalleled features?

Well, then the Garmin Vivofit 3 activity tracker should be your best bet.

Integrating the latest and most advanced technology, this tracker will enhance your healthy living lifestyle. It’s designed to detect numerous activities and relay accurate and timely results.

But in a world full of options, the possibility of choosing a wrong product is very real. This raises the question: what makes this particular activity tracker unique? Let’s take a closer look.

Features of Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker

The features of this activity tracker are quite amazing. With the ability to capture different activities accurately, it marks a welcome departure from all shortcomings associated with previous models. And yes, the design is made for ultimate comfort while remaining pleasing to the eye.

Automatic Activity Detection

This tracker can detect numerous activities automatically. This is quite impressive given the fact that we are sometimes too busy and pre-occupied to even remember to set our activities on a fitness tracker before proceeding for our hikes or brisk walks. With automatic activity detection, you can rest assured that all activities will be captured accurately.

Long Battery Life

This tracker comes with an extremely long battery life. In short, this activity tracker can operate for a whole year continuously without ever needing a recharge or replacement of  battery.

GCM compatibility

Being GCM compatible, you can manually or automatically sync to a free Smartphone application which in turn analyzes data to offer results on the current status of your health with regards to how much activities you undertake in a day.

Water resistant

Being water-resistant, it means that you do not have to remove it when swimming. In fact, it records all activities including swimming, hiking, walking and running as well as riding. Water-resistance also makes it more durable.

Is Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker Worth Buying?

If this is a question lingering in your mind, I will confidently say yes. Coming with interchangeable wrist bands and an awesome display, it is worth you cash. At a pocket friendly price, it is definitely a must-have.


  • Fully automated
  • Come in a portable size
  • Various colors


  • Requires one to have a Smartphone in order to analyze data

In short, it is clear that the Garmin Vivofit activity tracker a product worth purchasing. Try it today and experience fitness in a whole new level of fun!

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