12 Foods to Avoid if You Want a Good Sleep

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Getting enough sleep is important for your health.

Not only do you need to get enough sleep, but you need quality sleep to have optimal health and energy that lasts throughout your day.

If you’ve been struggling with getting enough sleep without waking or if you’ve been having trouble going to sleep at bedtime, then you’re probably waking up feeling exhausted.

It’s possible you may feel good when you wake up, but then tire easily or early in the day.

This could be caused by not enough sleep or low quality sleep as well.

There could be medical problems causing these issues, but it could be that you’re eating the wrong types of foods. If you’re eating the wrong foods at the wrong time, your sleep could be affected negatively, leaving you feeling tired.

Below are foods and beverages to avoid altogether or near bedtime so that you can have a better quality sleep.

1) Caffeinated tea

Any caffeinated beverage can hinder sleep, making it difficult to fall asleep or increase the chances that you’ll wake up soon after falling asleep.

2) Caffeinated sodas

There are two reasons that sodas could affect sleep, caffeine and sugar. Avoiding sodas is best, but if you must have one, have it earlier in the day.

3) Caffeinated coffee

Coffee may make you feel energetic and lively, however, afterward your energy levels can plummet. It is best to avoid caffeinated beverages, but especially important close to bedtime.

4) Beer

Alcoholic beverages are a depressant, but they’re tricky because several hours after going to sleep, your blood sugar levels can spike and wake you up as your body processes the alcohol.

5) Wine

Wine is the same as beer. When it comes to alcohol, you’re better off avoiding it if you’re having difficulty staying asleep at night.

6) Liquor

Once again, liquor is the same as other alcoholic beverages. As your body processes the alcohol, you may wake up shortly after going to sleep.

7) Peppermint

Even the smell of peppermint can make it difficult to go to sleep because the smell of peppermint stimulates the brain, making you alert rather than sleepy.

8) Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can make it difficult to sleep because they can cause digestion problems like acid reflux or heartburn.

9) Tomato Based Sauces

Tomato based sauces may not seem like a problem, but they can cause acid reflux and heartburn because of the acid in the tomatoes.

10) Soups

Some soups can be an issue, particularly tomato based soups because they can cause acid reflux and heartburn that may keep you awake when you need to be sleeping.

11) Chili

Chili is a problem for several reasons. The first problem is that it is tomato based and that can cause acid reflux and heartburn. It is also often spicy, which increases your chances of having heartburn.

If it contains meat, like most chili, the fat can cause problems with digestion as well.

All of these factors make chili one of the worst things you can eat close to bedtime.

12) Fried chicken

Fried chicken, and other fried foods, are terrible to eat close to bedtime. The high fat content can cause heartburn and keep you up during the night when you should be resting.

If you’re eating any of these foods or consuming any of these beverages, you may want to eliminate them from your diet, especially if you’re having trouble sleeping at night.

It is good practice to have any of these foods in moderation, and to have them earlier in the day when you do choose to eat them.

If you are having trouble sleeping, a proper diet will help you improve your chances of having enough quality sleep.

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