“Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy” by David D. Burns Review

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Many people suffer from depression but can’t afford the services or a psychologist. There’s now hope for such individuals or anyone struggling with Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) disorders. If you’ve been feeling down lately, then reading a motivational book might just be what you need to regain a positive outlook on life.

One uplifting read is David D. Burns’ “Feel Good: The New Mood Therapy” book. This self- help volume outlines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques for treating depression. CBT is effective in building self-esteem as well as dealing with guilt, anxiety, pessimism, procrastination, and other mood swings that stem from depression. The techniques Dr. David D. Burns shares do not involve the use of drugs too. These Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques were first developed by Dr. Aaron T Beck in the 1960s and made popular by Dr. David Burns’ book.

Features of the Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy Book

The book, a 736 page paperback, outlines scientifically proven techniques that will lift your spirits and help you have a positive outlook on life. It also has a new consumer’s guide on antidepressant drugs. There’s an introduction that explains the various ways of treating depression.

The mood-enhancing techniques explained in the book explain how to:

  • Know what causes your mood swings
  • Handle and stop having negative feelings
  • Deal with guilt
  • Take criticism and handle hostility
  • Overcome the craving for love and approval
  • Build self-esteem
  • Feel good about yourself every day

    Is the Book Worth Buying?

    Surveys show that mental health experts in America rate the book #1 on depression and prescribe it to patients as part of their treatment. Patients have shown improvement just by reading the book and discovering a treatment known as bibiotherapy. This book is therefore worth buying, especially for anyone looking for motivational read.


  • CBT Techniques revealed in the book eliminate the need for drugs when treating depression.
  • The book is written in an easy to understand manner.
  • It cuts out the cost of having to consult a psychologist.
  • Undertaking this therapy will help you develop patience and eliminate anxiety.
  • Readers learn how to develop a positive outlook on life. They also get useful lessons on how to balance emotional and mental attitude.
  • Concepts taught will help you develop the habit of giving careful thought to whatever you undertake. You’ll also learn how to reason and not jump to conclusions.
  • The therapy will teach you how to be decisive in situations that require immediate attention.


  • Dr. David D. Burns shares mood enhancing techniques that require continuous practice. Therefore, you may fall down the pit of depression if there’s a lapse in reading and doing the writing exercises.
  • Some people will find it difficult to read through a 700 page book and undertake the intensive CBT therapy.


Depression can be a very traumatic experience in life especially if you’re suffering from anxiety, guilt, pessimism, procrastination or other mood swing disorders. Dr. Burns’ book, Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, offers a way out for those who don’t have the means or are unwilling to seek help from a professional.

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