What is Fartlek Training for Runners?

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If you’re new to running, you may be unsure of what Fartlek training is.

Fartlek training is a method of training for runners that combines continuous training with interval training.

It is a fun way to train, and is excellent for beginners and experienced runners. “Fartlek” means “speed play” in Swedish, so it’s simply playing with speed.

Unlike interval training, Fartlek training is unstructured and random.

There are elements of interval training used in Fartlek training, but ultimately, it’s a method of long-distance running.

There are several instances where Fartlek training can be used in running, and even for other sports.

Beginner runners

Beginner runners can benefit from Fartlek training because it’s a flexible way to train. Beginner runners may prefer to alternate between jogging and walking.

They can jog for as long as they can, then walk until they catch their breath, and then they can begin jogging again. Because Fartlek is designed to be random, it’s perfect for beginners.

A beginner runner might get a sense of accomplishment by running up a hill or they might have fun running down a hill, and with Fartlek training any of this is okay.

Fartlek training is meant to be both effective and fun.

Long-distance runners

Long-distance runners may use the Fartlek method to get the most out of their long-distance run.

They can use it to complete a longer run than they’re used to or can use it when they mess up and start out at a faster pace than they need to.

Fartlek training can also be used by experienced runners to add some fun and variety into their training.

If their runs have seemed stale and boring lately, a good run using the Fartlek method may be what’s needed to make running fun again.

It is also fun to play running games during group runs using the Fartlek method. Everyone can take a turn leading the group for a truly random run.

Conditioning for sports

Fartlek training can also be used by athletes of other sports to improve their conditioning.

Running is an excellent way for athletes to improve their conditioning, and the Fartlek method is a fun way to mix up a workout for an athlete.

Athletes can also mix up running with fitness ladder drills and can include tire runs. They may also mix up running intervals with periods of working on footwork for football.

There’s really no wrong way to use Fartlek training.

If you’re a beginner runner or an experienced runner who’s tired of their workout, Fartlek training might be the answer.

It’s a fun way to run long distances and improve your endurance. With Fartlek training, it’s difficult to get tired of your workout because it’s so random and fun.

If you’re an athlete of a sport other than running, Fartlek training can help your conditioning.

Running for long distances with varying degrees of intensity can help you improve your conditioning and overall health, and can help you improve in your primary sport.

With Fartlek training you’re limited only by your imagination.

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