Eazymate Fashion Running Belt Review

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Use of waist packs by runners has become a popular trend as this provides an easy way to carry personal belongings when going for jogs. Also known as running belts, these fitness accessories are made of stretchy material that you slip on to the waist. They have pockets where you place and carry your personal items with you.

For people who like to work-out, jog, shop or travel and need their phones, money and passports on them, the Eazymate Fashion Running Belt is the perfect choice to use. This stylish running belt is made of a blend of high quality Spandex Lycra material that is soft and stretches to fit around the contours of your waist and hips without appearing bulky. You can wear the Eazymate Running Belt on the beach, gym, while shopping, bike riding, and mountain climbing or during any outdoor activity.

Features of the Eazymate Fashion Running Fashion Belt

The Eazymate belt has four small pockets in front of the belt that are perfect for placing small items like keys, wallets, phones, ID and passports. The belt is six inches wide with pockets big enough and specially made to carry Smartphones such as the iPhone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The belt comes in small/medium/large and extra-large models. Its pockets have zippers designed in such a way that they are small, discreet and not easily noticeable.

Other features of include:

  • A pocket with a key holder to carry your car keys and other keys
  • The Spandex Lycra material can stretch and comes in different sizes for women to fit people of different physiques
  • Tight pockets hold your items securely without bouncing them around when you are in motion, which helps to prevent unnecessary damage

Is the Eazymate Fashion Running Belt Worth Buying?

The Eazymate belt provides runners and people on the move an easy solution for carrying small personal items in style and comfort. This running belt is particularly useful to individuals whose clothes do not have sufficient pockets to carry personal items.


  • The belt is stylish, user friendly, comes in different colors and it can be worn with most type of garments
  • The pockets have zippers that are discreet and can securely hold your items
  • The six-inch wide belt is big enough to hold most of your personal items like phones, wallets and cosmetics
  • The belt is dirt-resistant, machine-washable and dries easily
  • The belt is comfortable to wear and can be easily concealed under other clothing.


  • The Eazymate Fashion running belt does not have an elastic band or buckle to hold it securely in place. Applying enough weight can easily pull it down.


Eazymate’s running belt provides an ideal way to carry essential items while you are on the move. It has pockets that are large enough to carry most of the items you may require.

You can do our workouts, engage in outdoor activities, travel, shop and carry your phone, credit cards, driving license, passport, cosmetics and other essential items with you when you wear the Eazymate belt.

The fitness belt is designed to blend with the current fashion trends, and is made with a material that is easy to wash, durable and comfortable to wear. What’s more, it will carry all the items you need in a secure way without your items bouncing about when you are in motion.

Due to all of these functional and convenient features, this fitness belt offers good value for the price. The best part is that it is an inexpensive fitness accessory that is designed to last.

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