Does Foam Rolling Burn Calories?

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If you’re like many people today, you might be interested in incorporating foam rolling into your daily routine.

You may have also heard that it’s becoming very popular amongst athletes and people looking to be more active.

That’s all because of its incredible ability to relieve sore, aching muscles and help speed recovery time following a workout.

However, don’t be misled into what foam rolling can and can’t do.

Unfortunately, foam rolling in itself isn’t really a workout that’s going to burn calories.

But, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in other benefits that will prove advantageous to your health and wellness.

For instance, many people use foam rolling before a workout to help warm themselves up and increase their range of motion.

It also boosts blood flow, helping them to perform their best during their exercise session.

Other people prefer to do foam rolling after a workout, which will help them to speed up recovery time by increasing circulation and helping to relax the muscles, preventing stiffness and helping to reduce soreness.

Many people also do foam rolling in the morning if they find themselves waking up stiff, which can help relief pain and, therefore, help them be more active overall throughout their day.

Likewise, some people do foam rolling at night so they can sleep better and awake refreshed.

Whenever you choose to incorporate foam rolling into your day, you’ll get to enjoy all of the same benefits, similar to that of a good massage.

Once you get your technique down, you’ll find that foam rolling is a great way to relieve muscles and relax your entire body.

But, again, the process in and of itself won’t be burning many calories.

However, it can set you up for a successful exercise session or a more active day overall.

So, if you are thinking about trying foam rolling, don’t hesitate to do so.

It may be beneficial to you to watch a tutorial or even ask a trainer at the local gym to show you how it’s done so that you can get the most benefits out of your foam rolling session.

Once you learn how to do it, it’s definitely something you’ll be using everyday to reap the great advantages.

Can You Foam Roll Too Often?

If you’re looking to get into foam rolling, there is no doubt that you’ve already heard about all of its fantastic benefits.

From its ability to improve your blood flow and reduce inflammation to eliminate pain and help speed recovery, foam rolling is one of the best trends to hit the wellness industry.

However, is it possible to have too much of this good thing?

That’s the question that needs to be answered.

Most people suggest that foam rolling can easily be worked into your daily schedule–and that’s absolutely true if your lifestyle calls for it.

However, foam rolling too often–or for too long, rather–is certainly possible.

While you won’t do any harm rolling for a few minutes each day, you can begin to work against yourself if you roll the same spot for too long.

Generally, experts don’t suggest staying in the same area for more than 30-60 seconds at a time.

Even though some areas will feel very tense and you might feel eager to roll them for a few minutes, rolling a given spot for too long can lead to more tenderness than you started with.

So, instead, try starting with static pressure on each area.

This is where you simply hold the foam roller still while applying pressure to a given spot.

After a few seconds of static pressure, move into dynamic pressure where you are rolling.

After 30-60 seconds in one area, move to another area and repeat the process. If you need to do this a few times each day, that’s completely fine.

Just don’t spend too long on one area all at once as you can overwork it and end up experiencing negative results.

Also, if you are rolling any area, remember that you want to roll in both directions.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is only rolling in one, which leaves many knots untouched.

As a final tip, also work your muscles in a way that you start from an area where the foam rolling is comfortable and work your way into an area where you have tension or tenderness.

This is the correct approach as it allows you to gradually relieve the tension rather than attempting to attack it head-on.

How Often Should You Foam Roll?

If you have recently bought a foam roller or are thinking of getting one, then you may be curious about how often you should be using the foam roller.

The answer is as often as you want.

Foam rollers are great in that you can (and as you will find out in this article, should) use them every single day.

This sets them apart from many other exercise aides and tools like weights, cardio machines, etc.

Can I Use A Foam Roller Every Day?

Using a foam roller every day is possible for a few different reasons.

Easily the biggest reason is because it’s a very low-intensity exercise tool.

See, the reason you can’t use things like weights every day is because they put way too much strain on your muscles and you would end up hurting yourself.

A foam roller doesn’t really put much, if any, strain on your muscles.

So, there is little chance of doing something like pulling a muscle or worse, tearing a muscle, because you sued your foam roller too much.

Why To Use A Foam Roller Every Day?

So, now the main question becomes: “why you should be using a foam roller every day.”

There are a lot of good reasons why you should start using your foam roller every single day.

For starters, a quick routine with your foam roller can really help to relieve tension and stress, especially in your lower back and in your knees.

Both of these areas often carry a ton of tension, which the foam roller can help to get rid of.

Daily use of a foam roller can also help to get rid of muscle pain.

If you are like a lot of people, then you probably have to deal with serious back pain or joint pain after a long day of work.

A foam roller can really help people who suffer from chronic pain as it gently soothes the muscles.

However, in order for this to work, the foam roller has to be used daily.

Finally, daily use of a foam roller can really help your overall fitness level.

A good foam roller routine will exercise a lot of different muscles and will burn a decent number of calories.

After months of doing daily foam roller routines, you should start to notice that your muscles and body feel a lot better.

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