Crossactiv 3in1 32oz Fruit Infuser and Protein Shaker Bottle Review

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The Crossactiv 3-in-1 32oz Fruit Infuser and Protein Shaker Bottle easily stands out from the crowd due to its feature-packed nature and versatility. This water bottle delivers adaptability, convenience, safety, and durability through a smart design. Whether you’re a regular exerciser or someone simply looking to keep hydration levels up, you should take a look at this Crossactiv 3-in-1 bottle.

Features of the Crossactiv 32-Once Fruit Infuser and Protein Shaker Bottle

The best feature of this Crossactiv bottle is a 3-in-1 design that allows you to use the bottle as a fruit infuser, water bottle, or protein shaker. Selecting either of the functions is easy and only requires you to add or remove one of the bottle’s compartments.

For example, to make flavored water, you only need to add fruit, green tea, herbs, etc., to the infuser chamber. Alternatively, making a protein shake is as simple as removing the infuser and placing the included ball. This water bottle also:

• Has a BPA free build that allows you to meet your targeted water and protein intake without endangering your health

• Features a high capacity of 32oz. So, you’ll have more than enough plain or flavored water to last you through an entire day at the office, a lengthy trek or cycling trip, as well as plenty of protein shakes to last you through tough/long workouts.

• Has its very own measuring scale at the side. This is perfect for people who are taking water or protein shakes in controlled portions. The measuring scale also allows you to ensure perfection in fruit infused water and protein shake recipes that require specified amounts of ingredients.

• Offers durability through a shatterproof build and silicon seals

• Comes with a free carrying pouch that makes it easy for you to take the water bottle wherever you want

Is The Crossactiv 32-Ounce Fruit Infuser and Protein Shaker Bottle Worth Buying?

According to users, this Crossactiv 3-in-1 fruit infuser/protein shaker/water bottle is a great buy. Both infuser chamber and shaker ball work excellently. Users also love the fact that the bottles holds more liquid than other shakers, leaves zero lumps in your protein shakes, and locks tightly thanks to a metal ring at the lid.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Opens and closes at the push of a button
  • Waterproof locking lid
  • Measurements of the bottles measuring scale are written in both oz and ml and therefore cater to a wide range of users
  • Fitted with dual no slip grips
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty that covers anything that can go wrong with the bottle


  • A few users claim that fitting in and taking out the bottle from its carrying pouch is difficult and time consuming as the pouch has an opening that is slightly larger than the bottle


This fruit infuser and protein shaker literally meet all of your hydration needs. It allows you to have water close by as you engage in your daily tasks, keeps you hydrated throughout your workout with flavored water, and allows you to recover quickly from a tough workout with delicious protein shakes.

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