Cork Yoga Wheel Set Review

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Do you struggle to do certain yoga poses or routines on your own due to being out of shape or because of a physical injury?

Do you want to change up your yoga routine by doing some different poses?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you should consider investing in Cork Yoga Wheel Set by Nillygym.

This is a great tool that can really spice up your yoga set.

Key Features of the Cork Yoga Wheel Set

  • Can be used to make yoga and Pilates sets easier
  • Can let you do a variety of different poses and routines
  • Comes with straps to add resistance to regular poses
  • Well-built, can support a lot of weight

Is the Cork Yoga Wheel Set Worth Your Money?

This is a pretty simple product when you think about it.

It is just a wheel made of cork and some straps.

However, you shouldn’t let the simple appearance fool you, this a surprisingly useful exercise kit.

You can use the wheel and straps to do different yoga and Pilates sets that you may have not been able to do before.

You can also use the straps to add resistance to a regular yoga workout.

For example, by using these straps you can turn a simple pose into a serious muscle building exercise.

The wheel can also be useful if you aren’t comfortable doing certain difficult yoga poses on your own because it can act as an aid to help you keep your balance.

This also makes the cork wheel useful for those recovering from physical injury, as they may still have balance issues.

Next, you may be wondering about the actual products themselves, specifically, how well they are made.

Both the cork wheel and the straps are very well-crafted.

The cork used to make the wheel is durable and it doesn’t absorb bacteria or sweat, so you don’t need to clean it often.

The wheel is very strong and has a weight limit of over 400 lbs.

The straps are equally well-made and shouldn’t break anytime soon.

Sadly, unlike similar products, this set doesn’t come with any sort of travel bag.

So, if you do your yoga at a place besides your house, then you have to find another way to store the components.

The wheel is quite bulky, so it can end up seriously crowding your gym bag, which is even more annoying.

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