Cordless Powerful Handheld Battery Operated Milk Frother Drink Mixer Review

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The Cordless Powerful Handheld Battery Operated Milk Frother and Drink Mixer from Nights is a fantastic little appliance that can make a great addition to your kitchen. As the name implies, this device whips up some nice foam from warm or heated milk. It’s perfect for frothing drinks infused with milk such as hot chocolate, cappuccino, and latte. You can even use it for eliminating lumps in protein shakes, whisking eggs and so much more.

Features of the Nights Cordless Milk Frother and Drink Mixer

As with most frothing wands, this model from Nights is cheaper than settling for a full cappuccino machine that has a steam frother. It doesn’t have any built-in heating function, but this frother delivers a great job at aerating your milk to create a nice foam. Its features provide the following benefits:

• Cordless operation – With this frothing wand, you don’t have to be close to a power outlet in order to use. It runs on two AA batteries, allowing you to enjoy convenient cordless operation. As an added bonus, the frother weighs about 0.3oz, which means it very light and easy to handle.

• Complementary stainless steel stand – In addition to the frothing wand, you’ll also get a stainless steel stand. The frother can be inserted into the stand for storage, allowing you to keep your kitchen cabinet or countertop organized.

• Easy to use – Using this milk frother is simple. Once loaded with batteries, the frother can be operated by toggling the on/off button up and down.

• Easy clean up – Although this frothing device is not dishwasher safe, it’s very easy to clean. All you have to do after each use is wash the mesh whisk and its stainless steel shaft with soapy water, then rinse under running tap water. After rinsing, simply dry the washed parts with a clean towel.

Is the Nights Cordless Milk Frother and Drink Mixer Worth Buying?

If the rave reviews for the Cordless Powerful Handheld Battery Operated Milk Frother Drink Mixer from Nights are anything to go by, then this appliance is definitely worth buying. This frothing wand is especially ideal for those who love cappuccino, hot chocolate, latte, or other beverages that taste great with a rich, creamy texture.

The fact that Nights designed it with a stainless steel housing indicates that they wanted to give users a frothing wand that will last.


  • Versatile milk frother (serves other purposes such as mixing protein shakes, whisking eggs, or even blending cocktails)
  • Lightweight and compact design makes this milk frother perfect for small kitchens
  • Included stand allows for easy storage
  • Cheaper than a countertop electric milk frother
  • Convenient cordless operation
  • Easy to clean


  • Batteries not included in the package
  • The body is not dishwasher safe because water can damage battery compartment
  • While powerful, the mesh whisk operates on one speed setting. Therefore, you can’t make the milk more or less foamy by varying the speed, as is the case with other similar frothing wands.


With the Cordless Powerful Handheld Battery Operated Milk Frother Drink Mixer from Nights, you can enjoy coffeehouse quality beverages at home. This appliance will save you money in the long run since you won’t have to visit a café to enjoy cup of well-brewed espresso, cappuccino, late or coffee with rich foam. Overall, this is a well-built milk frother that offers good value for the price.

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