Complete Mobility Kit Review

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Research shows that athletes recover faster from muscle pain, tension and stiffness, after a strenuous workout or training session by doing massage on the affected muscles.

When a massage therapist is not available or you cannot afford one, there are a number of ways to recover from muscle soreness. This may involve stretching exercises, an ice plunge or the use of tools like different types of massage rollers and other methods to help relieve your aching muscles.

Fortunately, you do not have to go to such extremes as taking an ice plunge thanks to the Complete Mobility Kit – Foam Roller, Stretch Resistance Band & Massage Lacrosse Ball. This item relieves muscle tension, improves flexibility, increases your range of motion and reduces the risk to injury. The mobility kit has a foam roller, resistance band for stretching almost every muscle group and a massage ball for areas of the body that are difficult to reach.

Features of the Complete Mobility Kit

The mobility kit provides physical therapy, tissue massage and helps improve your flexibility as well as range of motion. A 13-inch foam roller with a grid-surface is included in the package. It is firm, durable and small enough to fit in a gym bag. Along with it comes a resistance band that is perfect for stretching almost every muscle group once you attach it to a secure point. The mobility ball is made of rubber material and used to massage areas that the foam roller cannot reach. It complements the roller and resistance band.

Listed below are other features and benefits of the mobility kit:

  • The grid surface foam roller is ideal for deep tissue massage and requires regular use to get use to its firm texture
  • Resistance band stretches every muscle group including muscles that are hard to reach
  • The mobility ball applies pressure to small areas to provide deep tissue massage to muscles that are too dense for the roller.

Is the Complete Mobility Kit Worth Buying?

The mobility kit is a must buy for all fitness enthusiasts to help them recover quickly from muscle pain and tension after a workout session and get them ready for the next workout or training session.


  • The foam roller is made of good quality firm and durable material that is not too hard to hurt the user
  • The small size of the roller makes it ideal to carry and can fit in a gym bag for use immediately after your workout when the muscle are still warm to get the maximum effect
  • The small knobs on the roller make it easier to target muscle knots and put pressure on them
  • The resistance band is useful for warm up and well as cool down stretching and can help reduce the risk of injury
  • The small round unique shape of the mobility ball makes it ideal to massage areas that are difficult to reach like gluteus, neck and back muscles.


  • The product does not come with instructions on how to use the resistance band and mobility ball and only refers the user to a website for instructions.


The Complete Mobility Kit – Foam Roller, Stretch Resistance Band & Massage Lacrosse Ball is what all athletes and fitness enthusiasts need to relieve muscle soreness and tension. This kit has all the tools needed to reach and target specific muscle groups, provide quick relief to stiff or aching muscles and help you get ready for your next workout session.

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