Coffea H7-HR Activity Tracker Review

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Fitness trackers are extremely popular right now, and for good reason.

It’s extremely helpful to be able to monitor your heart rate while exercising, your daily activity levels, and your sleep quality.

You can get a complete picture of your daily fitness so you can see where you can improve. You can monitor your heart rate during workouts so you can stay in the correct heart rate range to maximize your workouts and reach your fitness goals.

You can monitor your sleep so you can see if you need to make adjustments or see if adjustments you’ve made have helped your sleep quality.

Heart rate monitors can also be used to help you time your intervals during interval training.

There are many different activity trackers to choose from in a variety of price ranges.

If you’re looking for a good quality fitness tracker at an affordable price, the Coffea H7-HR Activity Tracker Fitness tracker is a good choice.

Below you’ll find out more information about it so you can decide if its right for you.

Features of the Coffea H7-HR Activity Tracker

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep quality monitor
  • 14 training modes
  • 24 hour activity timeline
  • 5 different watch faces to choose from
  • You can change out bands to have different colored bands
  • Comes with an extra band
  • Timer mode
  • Battery can last for 7 days on a charge
  • Waterproof but will not withstand submersion long enough for swimming
  • Affordable

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Is the Coffea H7-HR Activity Tracker Worth Buying?

The Fitness Tracker, Coffea H7-HR Activity Tracker is a good quality fitness monitor in a reasonable price range.

It has many features that can help you monitor your fitness and help you meet your fitness goals.

The Coffea H7-HR Activity Tracker has a heart rate monitor, sleep quality monitor, stopwatch, breathing guide and 14 training modes to help you monitor your workouts and improve your fitness level.

There are also so additional features that make this a more stylish activity tracker including 5 different watch faces to choose from and a replaceable band so you can change the band color.

It comes with one extra band, but you can order replacement bands in several different colors.

This fitness tracker is waterproof, but it is not submersible for over 30 mins and would not be a good option for swimming.

It is perfectly fine for showers, baths, and accidental submersion.

The Coffea H7-HR Activity Tracker has a wide compatibility and has Bluetooth capability.

The app supports most smart phones with Bluetooth 4.0. and is compatible with several support systems including iOS 7.1 or above ( iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 6/6S plus, iPhone 7/7S plus), and Android 4.4 or above(Huawei Mate 7/P9, LG, and Samsung). Just check what support system your cell phone has to see if it’s compatible.

This fitness tracker can alert you when you have a phone call and you can use it to control your music.

Overall, this is an excellent fitness tracker in a lower price range.

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It has many features that will help you reach your fitness goals including 24 hour tracking for up to 7 days per charge.

You can explore the different tracking programs to see how to best use them to help you with your fitness goals.

If you’ve never used a fitness tracker before, this is an excellent one to start out with.

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