Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit Review

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PiYo! The first thing that strikes you is that odd sounding name.

What on earth is a PiYo, and how can it make you fit?

Well, PiYo from Chalene Johnson is a combination of two different things, Pilates and yoga. Put them together and you’ve got PiYo.

Training in this way, you can obtain the flexibility and balance of yoga practice, alongside the core and muscle strengthening of Pilates.

PiYo is designed to give you the physique and body strength you desire, not only by combining the benefits of Pilates and Yoga, but by speeding things up enough to burn fat in a low impact workout.

What is included with PiYo Base Kit?

3 DVD’s including 10 workouts:

Workout 1 – Align: The Fundamentals

Good for beginners, this workout shows you each movement used throughout the program, breaking them down step by step, and showing proper alignment, preparing you for each stage.

Workout 2 – Define: Lower Body

This workout is designed to define and enhance the lower body, stretching and strengthening the legs, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

Workout 3 – Define: Upper Body

Now for the top half of the body. Add definition to your arms, triceps and shoulders.

Workout 4 – Sweat

Pace is ramped up for workout 4, adding bodyweight resistance training, and full yoga flow.

Workout 5 – Core

Never underestimate how much benefits a strong core will give you. Tone your midsection, focusing on abs, obliques and lower back.

Workout 6 – Strength Intervals

Bodyweight workouts designed in such a way to never add bulk, but carve a sleek, sexy body.

Workout 7 – Drench

Turn up the intensity volume, you’ve already worked up a sweat, now it’s time to get drenched! Every muscle in your body is used in this workout, maximizing fat loss.

Workout 8 – Sculpt

More of a Pilates focus here, this workout uses dynamic tension instead of traditional push and pull exercises.

Workout 9 – Buns

Clues in the title here. A workout focusing fully on the glutes.

Workout 10 – TurboFire HIIT 20

HIIT has been well proven to out perform standard cardio, obtaining the same benefits in a 3rd of the time.

Additional “Tools”

Quick Start Guide

Offers simple directions to get started with PiYo, showing you the science and results of each workout, and valuable tips and tricks to get the best out of the PiYo program.

60 Day Workout Calendar

To direct you to which workout for each day of the 60 day program.

Eating Plan

PiYo workouts can help sculpt the body into a work of art, whereas the dietary advice will turbocharge the fat burning.

Bonus Tape Measure

A fairly unusual thing to come with a workout program, but good encouragement to know that results are not all about losing the pounds, but more about obtaining a slimmer waist and better body composition.


Chalene Johnson’s PiYo is a workout program with a very niche market in mind.

It it not like other workout DVD’s out there.

Each workout is only 20 minutes long, and results will take a while to show.

You will need to stick with the program for the full 60 days (and probably a lot longer) to reap the maximum benefits and really see a difference in the mirror, and the way you feel.

PiYo is unlike other workouts owing to it’s focus on Pilates and Yoga, designed very much as a low impact workout with long-term, body strengthening and conditioning results in mind, as opposed to the normal high intensity weight loss focused workouts.

It all depends on what results you are trying to achieve.

Some Amazon reviewers have remarked on the fact that results are slow, and workouts seem to short, whereas others have achieved a very measurable impact on their physique, strength and flexibility. If you are able to stick with the program long term, the program is most definitely recommended.

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