CAP Barbell Color Coated Hex Dumbbell

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CAP Barbell is one of the leading brands of fitness training equipment. Their weight-lifting products are well-known, with their dumbbells being the most preferred choice by many lifters.

Choosing which type of CAP Barbell dumbbells to buy can be tricky, though, as there are several weight designs that you will have to compare. To help you in the decision making process, here is a CAP Barbell Color Coated Hex dumbbell review.

Features of the CAP Barbell Color Coated Hex Dumbbells

The CAP Barbell color coated hex dumbbells are well designed. They also have a few unique features that many buyers may find appealing. These include:

Multiple size options

These weights come in many sizes, starting at 3pounds, 8 pounds and 12 pounds as well as 10-50 pound dumbbells in 5-pound increments. CAP Barbell sells these weights individually; therefore you can build your weight set gradually as your strength increases. The best part is that each weight is labeled with digits to indicate how much it weighs and some of the dumbbells are color coded, which makes it easier to identify them.

Durable and rust-proof design

Several features have been incorporated into these dumbbells to prevent rusting. For starters, the cast iron heads will never get wet thanks to their protective PVC coating. Unlike rubber-coated dumbbells, the plastic coating on these weights does not give off any chemical smell. In addition, the chrome plated steel handgrips are less likely to rust easily. They also feature a textured midsection to improve grip.

Fixed six-sided heads

These dumbbells with hexagonal shaped heads won’t roll over when placed on the floor. They are also easy to store on a rack. The heads are fixed on the handgrips, so there is no need to worry about accidentally dropping weight plates while exercising.

Are the CAP Barbell Color Coated Hex Dumbbells Worth Buying?

The CAP Barbell color coated hex iron dumbbells have many appealing features, but it is important to consider whether they are the right choice before making a purchase. These standard fixed-dumbbells will require a rack for storage as placing them on the floor will take up more space.

Overall, they are a good choice for those who want to equip their home gyms with a complete set of dumbbells.


  • Non-slip knurled handgrips are easy to hold
  • Protective plastic coating and chrome plated steel construction help to minimize rusting
  • Some of the dumbbells are color coded based on mass, making them easy to identify without checking the weight label
  • Hexagonal heads prevent dumbbells from rolling and facilitates easier storage


  • Fixed head dumbbells such as the CAP Barbell iron hex set take up more storage space than dumbbells with removable weight plates. However, they save time since you don’t have to constantly load weights and fasten collars onto the handgrips.
  • Although the center knurling on the handles helps to improve grip, people with sensitive hands may find it painful to hold the metal bar with bare hands. In such cases, use of weight lifting gloves is recommended.
  • These weights have an enamel finish that chips or breaks gradually due to repeated drops. Therefore, these weights need careful handling if you want to maintain their good aesthetics.

Judging by what other buyers have said on customer reviews, these CAP Barbell dumbbells seem to be quality weights. Although a few buyers report that their weights arrived with minor flaws, the good news is that CAP Barbell provides a 30-day warranty that covers defects in material and craftsmanship.

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