5 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Tone Their Butt

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Having a great butt can add a lot of self confidence to your personality, and you’ll be able to strut down the street knowing that all your hard work is paying off.

However, many people make lots of mistakes with butt toning without even realizing, so here are five of the most common mistakes that you can avoid.

1) They focus on the same exercise

Sure, squats are great for toning your butt, but you shouldn’t do squats alone for weeks on end without no change or variety.

Just like every other type of exercise, it should never be done in isolation and without anything else involved in your workout routine.

Mix it up by adding in different sizes of weights and doing different exercises, such as lunges, planks and jumping jacks.

2) They think it’s got nothing to do with genetics

Sometimes people are just born with a fabulous butt, and there’s nothing we can do to change that.

Rather than despairing over the fact that somebody else has a better set of buttocks than you do, work hard to get the best you can and be happy with that.

You might have to work harder than your friend to get the same shaped butt, and unfortunately that’s just the way it is.

3) They’re eating a bad diet

Getting into shape isn’t just all about the time you spend in the gym – it has a lot to do with your actions in the kitchen too.

If you’re working out regularly and then compensating by eating junk food or overeating calories while at home or out with friends, you’ll never be able to see the great results that you really want.

4) They don’t work out their butts outside of the gym

You can do simple exercises such as butt clenching movements while you’re standing in line, waiting for your train or just stopping during a run at the end of the day.

It’s not compulsory to constantly work out your butt, but it will definitely speed up the whole process and help you to see results quicker.

5) They don’t bother with weight training

You can’t get a perfect butt just by running, swimming and doing other forms of cardio.

Even aerobic exercises will limit you when trying to tone up – if you really want to get results and get them quicker, you need to start using weights when you visit the gym.

4 Diet Tips for Shaping Your Butt

Having a shapely well-defined butt today is all the rage.

However, most of the information out there today focuses on shaping your butt via exercise – in particular weighted squats, lunges and weight lifting.

And that is a big part of getting a tight nicely-shaped butt that turns heads, but like anything else when it comes to toning muscle, diet and exercise are the dynamic duo.

The exercise burns calories and builds, tones muscle, while the diet controls the amount and type of calories and macro-nutrients consumed. One can’t work without the other.

Butt Anatomy 101

The butt is composed of three main muscles, but the one that defines it the most is called the gluteus maximus or glutes for short. Around the outside of the glutes is tissue and fat.

You can have the most well-defined butt muscles in the world, but if you have a lot of fat covering it, nobody will see it.

So shaping your butt is a two-step process, get rid of the fat and then tone the muscle beneath it.

Where do you carry your weight?

Depending on where you carry your weight will have a great deal to do with what kind of diet will work best for you. Generally the three problem areas are: the butt, stomach and thighs.

Spot Reduction Myth

As you know, it is impossible to spot reduce where you lose weight from a specific area.

The weight you lose from burning calories will come off of all areas, but for most people you’ll lose more or less from certain areas.

The areas having the most fat are usually the most affected, so if you have a fatty butt, you should see the most loss there.

Diet tip #1 – If you easily gain weight in these areas, then you need to eat six or seven small meals a day of a low carb/high protein diet.

Focus on the healthy grains, lots of vegetables and naturally low-sugar fruits, lean turkey, chicken and pork, tofu, seafood and fish.

This diet will have a fairly low-calorie count, but a good amount of fiber to keep you full. The protein will help build muscle.

When coupled with a high calorie-burning exercise like cardio, it should reduce the amount of fat in your butt over time.

Diet tip #2 – The other side of the coin is having a hard time putting on weight.

In this case, you’ll want to eat a high calorie/high protein diet.

Your diet will focus on healthy fats like olive oil and avocados, cheese, whole grain pasta, lean cuts of steak in addition to what is already on your low carb/high protein diet.

Your exercise regimen will focus almost entirely on strength training/weight lifting and very little cardio because you don’t want to burn off calories.

Diet tip #3 – The same is true if you are trying to put on weight in a certain area – like your butt.

It usually comes on all over, but what you eat can make a difference in the weight distribution in some people.

For example, simple carbohydrates and processed food tend to collect in the stomach/midsection area whereas full fat dairy and cream-based complex carbohydrate foods tend to collect in the butt.

This diet could work for you if you are trying to build up your butt.

Diet tip #4 – Finally give your diet and exercise program time to work.

While you may start to see some change in as little as three weeks to a month, it can take up to six months to get the butt you want.

It is not easy, but with consistency in both diet and exercise it is attainable.

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