Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells Review

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Dumbbell based workouts can be the most beneficial to whole body fitness.

The use of free weights as opposed to rigid machines can be the difference between functional, full body strength, or uneven muscle gain leading to unbalanced body strength.

Dumbbells are ideal for home workouts, can target any muscle group, and can take the place of barbells and other equipment.

Here’s the problem though.

To progress with any strength training or bodybuilding program, weights need to be increased in increments to continue to challenge muscle groups.

Stick with the same weight for too long, and results will plateau. You’ll still be working out, but you’ll be stuck at the same stage.

So in order to progress, you need multiple weights of dumbbells in small incremental differences.

For this, you have a choice of purchasing a whole set of fixed weight dumbbells, or single dumbbells with interchangeable plates.

Both give the same disadvantage.

They take up a large amount of space, and can be heavy to move around.

You’ll need a dumbbell rack or a place to store plates, bars and collars.

Not the ideal situation if all you want to do is workout in the bedroom or living room and be able to store the equipment easily, between workouts.

Constantly shifting dumbbells out of the way, stubbing your toe on a weight plate sticking out from under the bed, or having shelves collapse from 20 sets of dumbbells can get annoying after a while.

This is where the Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells comes to the rescue.

Imagine these two scenarios:

1.) After your first warm up set with lighter weights, you put your first dumbbells down, fumble around looking at the numbers, trying to find the next weight up while tripping over the ones you just put down. And/or… Spending way too much of your rest time between sets undoing collars and switching weight plates.

2.) After your first warm up set with lighter weights, you put your first dumbbells down, twisted a dial that adjusted the weight increment, then started your next set.

Which is easier? I know what I’d prefer…

This is exactly what Bowflex SelectTech allows you to do.

The two dumbbell set is designed to adjust the weight of your dumbbell (in 2.5 pound increments) to your desired amount, quickly.

And by quickly, you can do it in seconds. You literally just twist a dial.

The design is simple. A molded plate holder for each dumbbell contains all the weight plates, 52.5 lbs in total. Each plate is in a “U” shape, allowing you to place the handle straight down the middle of them.

From there, you twist the dial on the ends, and so doing will select the weight you desire from 5lbs to 52.5lbs. Once you lift the center handle, it lifts the weight plates your dial has selected and leaves the rest behind, in one simple movement.

There’s nothing more to it.

No rattling plates, no worry about collars coming loose, no trying to figure out where that other 25lb dumbbell went when it rolled under the sofa last week.

And the whole neat package is around 16” in length, and only 9” wide.

Bowflex SelectTech Pro’s

  • Super fast weight selection in 5lb increments
  • High quality and durable
  • Reduces clutter
  • Easy to store. Each dumbbell in it’s own compact unit, no loose parts
  • SelectTech racks available to keep them at waist height


  • Weights can some times “get stuck” if you try to change them too fast, or handle is not slotted in correctly (easy to do if you’re jumping from exercise to exercise with no rest (like circuit training)
  • Weight plates need to be at the exact angle for the handle to quickly fit into the “U” shape
  • Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells are wider than than normal dumbbells

Over all, the Bowflex SelectTech definitely delivers on its promise to provide a minimalist way to have an entire dumbbell rack in one compact package.

It is a winning way to reduce the negatives of having multiple barbells and weight plates around the house, while keeping the benefits.

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