Born to Run by Christopher McDougall Review

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Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen. If the full title didn’t give you enough of a hint, Born to Run by Christopher McDougall is an absolutely enthralling page turner. McDougall, a runner plagued by his own running related injuries, sets out to find out why is that running related injuries have become so prevalent as running shoes have become more technologically advanced, and why is it that the Tarahumara Indians frequently run up to 200km in simple sandals? From the peaks of North America to the laboratories of the finest scientific minds, this gripping tale from an award winning journalist will not only engage, but inspire.

Features of Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

• 304 pages (paperback)
• 4 months on NY Times Best Seller list
• Film adaption in the works
• Sold over 3 million copies

Is Born to Run by Christopher McDougall Worth Buying?

What starts out as an interesting discussion about how much damage modern running shoes are causing runners quickly turns into an engaging a wonderfully told series of stories that connect beautifully in an overlapping story arc. McDougall has a brilliant flair for making these people come alive on the page. While many authors are capable of doing this with fictional people, it takes skill to really encapsulate the character of a person without embellishing the truth! Thankfully, McDougall does so wonderfully.

Throughout the story, McDougall comes to the conclusion that modern running shoes and their comfort build with padding and protection is actually the main cause of running related injuries. Although his assertions are quite grand, the evidence he presents is overwhelming. Furthermore, the anecdotal evidence presented by the Tarahumara Indians and their ancestral love of long distance running adds further weight to his claims. These people run not because they must, but because they love to do so. This primal desire, borne out of a spiritual connection, is one that McDougall covers with consideration and respect.

Funny, thoughtful, engaging and inspiring, Born To Run is a truly fantastic piece of work in a genre that is neglected all too often. With stories from running enthusiasts all across the country, all told with a wonderful rhythm, Born to Run is so much more than a simple study of modern running shoes. Discussing why it is we run, and why we learned to do so, McDougall challenges each and every reader to reconsider their perceived limitations. Born to Run is inspiring in so many ways, and is as close to a must read as you are likely to find this year.

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