BodyBoss Portable Gym 2.0 Review

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The Perfect Home Gym?

If you’re looking for strength training equipment that’s simple, affordable, and easy use at home or on the road, then read this unbiased review of the revolutionary BodyBoss Portable Gym 2.0.

You’ll learn how you can get a great, full-body workout at home without taking up precious space with clunky equipment.

And if your workout routine has stalled because you hate going to the gym but you’re also skeptical of home gym claims, then BodyBoss may be just what you’re looking for.

If you need extra motivation to stick to your fitness goals, then the passionate and helpful BodyBoss community may be what you need to stay on track.

It’s not without its flaws, which we’ll touch on as well.

Either way, after reading, you’ll know if the BodyBoss is the right home gym for you.

If you’re like most people, you’d love to workout regularly, tone up, and look like your favorite superhero…if going to the gym weren’t such a hassle.

You have to drive to the gym, dress out in your workout duds, workout, shower, change clothes again, then drive back home or to the office.

And who has time for all of that?

That’s why home gyms are so popular.

But with the often over-hyped infomercial claims about other home equipment leaving a sour taste for not living up to their promises, most people are skeptical of home gyms.

BodyBoss is truly different. Just unfold it, attach the bands and interchangeable grips or bars and you’re ready to go.

With BodyBoss you can workout longer, from the comfort and privacy of your home, and no longer have to worry about inconvenient drives to the gym, judgmental stares of gym rats, or waiting for some equipment hog to finish their routine.

One of the big drawbacks of home gyms, however, is that they’re either too big and clunky, often taking up as much space as another piece of furniture, or they’re small and target only one area, such as an ab-wheel.

But the BodyBoss, with it’s one-of-a-kind fold-out platform and unique use of workout bands, simulates 1000s of dollars worth of gym equipment and puts more than 300 exercises at your fingertips.

With BodyBoss, you have a full menu of exercises targeting upper body, lower body, and cardio so you can easily get in a full body workout at home anytime you want.

And since it folds up no bigger than a briefcase, it won’t turn into another glorified clothes rack you have to step around in your bedroom.

What is BodyBoss Portable Gym?

The BodyBoss is a very clever design, consisting of a “base” which you stand on.

Attached to the board are two bands. These provide up to 30lb resistance.

You have a choice what to attach to these bands; handles, straps or a bar.

You use your bodyweight to secure the base. Attach the bands to the desired hook location on the base, add more bands for extra resistance, then attach whatever is needed for the relevant exercise.

For example, you would use the bar behind the back to perform squats, handles to do bicep curls and so on.

There are so many ways to set this up, that you can perform pretty much any exercise you need to, and target any muscle group.

The only drawback mentioned with the BodyBoss Portable Gym, however, is it doesn’t come with the best instructions on the different exercises possible.

A better getting-started booklet or foldout chart would be useful.

Fortunately there is a BodyBoss website with access to weekly live workout streams, a pretty extensive workout library on YouTube, and a growing faithful community that’s eager to help.

All in all, the BodyBoss Home Gym is a pretty impressive piece of workout equipment.

So if you hate commuting to the gym or are tired of the way other unused space-eating home gyms leave you feeling guilty and defeated, then check out the BodyBoss for yourself.

It really may be the perfect home gym solution you’ve been waiting for.

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