Top 5 Yoga Starter Sets

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Everyone by now has heard of yoga and may be interested in getting into it.

However, you can’t just do yoga whenever you want, it isn’t like sprinting, you have to learn how to do it.

Thankfully, you can buy one of the many yoga starter sets out there. In this article, you will see what the top 5 starter sets on the market currently are.

1) Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set

Key Features

  • 6-piece set
  • Includes a full-sized towel and a hand towel
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • 1 yoga strap
  • 1 yoga mat
  • Available in 8 different colors
  • Durably-made yoga blocks and strap

The Sivan is a really high-quality yoga starter set that anyone out there should consider.

It is a 6-piece set, so it includes everything that you want in a yoga starter set. This includes 2 yoga blocks, a yoga strap, a yoga mat, and 2 different towels.

Everything inside the set is very well-made.

The yoga blocks are soft and durable. The yoga mat is also really good.

It is comfortable, provides good stability, and it doesn’t absorb sweat, so there is no odor.

You also get 2 towels, which aren’t super important but are still a nice little bonus.

Overall, it is just a good quality yoga starter set that is great for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

So, pick what color you want and give this a try.

2) BalanceFrom GoYoga 7-Piece Set

Key Features

  • 7 different pieces included
  • Yoga knee pad
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • 2 yoga towels
  • 1 yoga mat
  • Everything is double-sided and slip-resistant
  • Can wash everything easily thanks to the water-resistant design

Next up let’s take a look at the BalanceFrom GoYoga 7-Piece Set.

This is another, really high-quality yoga set.

It comes with everything that you would expect to find in a yoga set (towels, a mat, a strap, yoga blocks, etc.).

However, one unique addition is the yoga knee pad.

As you would expect from the name, the yoga kneed pad is great for doing poses that require you to be lower on the ground.

Even with a yoga mat, putting a lot of pressure on your knees can hurt, so having an extra layer of padding is really helpful.

Everything in the yoga set is very easy to clean thanks to the fact that they are designed using water-resistant materials.

You can just use some soap, water, and a cloth to clean the stuff off after a sweaty yoga session, no serious work required.

3) Gaiam Beginner’s Yoga Starter Kit

Key Features

  • Simple, 3-piece kit
  • Comes with yoga strap, yoga block, and yoga mat
  • Made from a mixture of rubber, PVC, and foam
  • Comes with 2 complete yoga workouts on DVD

If the previous yoga starter sets have been a bit too much for you, then you might prefer this really simple starter set.

This starter set only contains three items, a yoga mat, a yoga block, and a yoga strap.

All of them are, of course, very well-made.

The yoga block and mat are both comfortable to use while also provide a good amount of resistance.

While serious yoga practitioners may wish that there was a bit more to this starter kit, beginners will likely appreciate that there isn’t a bunch of different items included.

Instead, it only gives you the bare essentials, which is a quality of its own.

Before moving on, it has to be mentioned that this starter set actually comes with not one, but two different instructional DVDs.

These DVDs feature a renowned yoga instructor (Rodney Yee) and they will walk you through 2 different routines.

4) REEHUT Yoga Starter Kit 6-Piece Set

Key Features

  • 6-piece set includes a mat, a strap, 2 blocks, and 2 towels
  • Yoga mat is made of high-density foam and is double-sided
  • Towels quickly and efficiently absorb sweat
  • Yoga mat is water-resistant, won’t absorb sweat and won’t stink

This is another one of those really big, high-quality starter sets.

The yoga mat is well-made.

It is double-sided, which makes it very versatile. It is also very comfortable to use thanks to high-density foam. It also shouldn’t absorb any sweat.

The other parts of the set, including the towel and the strap, are very well-made as well.

The towel quickly absorbs sweat, making it great for mid-workout wipe downs.

The strap is very durable and provides great resistance for when you want to take your yoga routine to the next level.

5) Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit

Key Features

  • 5-piece kit
  • Comes with a towel, 2 yoga blocks, a mat, and a strap
  • Extra-thick yoga mat intended to prevent injury and ensure maximum comfort
  • High-density foam yoga blocks are sturdy and comfortable to use

For the last start set in this article, we are looking at the Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit.

By now, you are familiar with pretty much everything in this starter set, so there isn’t a whole lot to be said. It is just another very standard, high-quality yoga starter set.

It has a very thick yoga mat, which is not only very comfortable to use but that also provides good protection against injury.

The yoga blocks are, like most other high-quality blocks, made from very good, dense foam.

This keeps the blocks sturdy without making them uncomfortable to use.

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