Basic Hydrate And Nutrition Tips To Maintain Body Condition

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Getting Hydrated Effectively

Hydration is essential for health and well-being. Every single cell in your body needs water. You need it to digest, to recover from exercise, and to create energy at the cellular level. The following tips will help you stay hydrated.

Take it With You – You have a better chance of staying hydrated if you carry a water bottle with you and you use it during the day. Find a bottle that you like and that is easy to carry.

You might even invest in a bottle that has a built in water filter. Hydration is essential for energy production in your cells. You need it to exercise, to metabolize, and to function optimally.

Set Hydration Goals – Set goals for yourself. For example, “I will drink one 16 ounce bottle of water every three hours.”

Add Natural Flavor – Don’t like water? Add frozen fruit to your water bottle. For example, you can drop a few frozen berries or slices of orange into your bottle.

Don’t Drink Your Calories – Swap one sugary beverage for a bottle of water. Gradually reduce your consumption of soda, juice, coffee drinks and alcohol by replacing them with water. Eventually, you will be comfortable and content drinking mostly water each day.

Coffee Is Okay – Coffee is mostly water and the caffeine in coffee can help you get an energy boost before a workout. But pay attention to how your body responds to caffeine. Too much before a workout may hurt your stomach.

You Probably Don’t Need a Sports Drink – Unless you’re going to be running or exercising for hours on end, you probably don’t need to drink a sports drink. Sure, they have electrolytes, but they also contain sugar.

Nutritional Tips

You are what you eat. Want to feel better, have more energy, and maintain an optimal weight? The next batch of nutrition tips make it easier to achieve your goals.

Don’t Ignore Post-Workout Nutrition – Eat a snack within 15-20 minutes after your workout. Ideally, it should be high in protein so that it fills you up, burns slowly, and also gives your muscles the materials they need to repair and recover.

Work for It – Do something physical before you eat. For example, do pushups before you open the fridge. Create a rule for entering the kitchen or opening the refrigerator to snack.

Make Your Junk Food – French fries? Make them. Want cookies? Make some. When you make your own junk food, not only is it still better for you than store bought, you’re also less likely to make it, and therefore less likely to indulge too often.

Make It Ahead – If you work out in the morning, one of the biggest challenges can be making sure you have a nutritious breakfast. It’s a challenge even if you don’t work out. Get the materials together for your breakfast the night before.

For example, on the weekend you can make a batch of breakfast burritos (healthy ones). Pop one in the microwave in the morning. Or cut up fruit for a morning smoothie. Toss it into your blender with milk or yogurt and drink it on the go. Add protein powder and you’ll stay full longer.

Snack With Smoothies – Speaking of smoothies, a smoothie can be an exceptional snack. You can even make them ahead of time, and store them in the freezer. Take it out in the morning and your smoothie will be thawed by the time you’re ready for your snack. Fruit, yogurt, and milk or milk substitutes with a protein powder make for satisfying smoothies. You can add greens like spinach to add nutrients.

Start a Food Log – Track the food that you eat. Studies have shown that most people underestimate the calories, fat, and sugar that they take in each day. If you track the information you’ll be better informed and you can make healthier decisions for yourself.

Throw Out the Junk Food – Clean out your cupboards, pantry, freezer, and fridge. Get rid of the junk. Out of sight, out of mind. And don’t buy more junk. If you want a junk food treat, make it yourself, #36.

Choose a Smaller Plate – The size of plate you eat from also influences how much food you put on it. If you want to eat smaller portions, just put them on a smaller plate.

Integrating the tips into your daily routine

You now have many little tips to integrate into your life. It is a lot and it can feel overwhelming. To make the most of your time and to achieve the greatest success, it’s important to have a plan. Before you can have a plan, identify your goals. What do you want to achieve? What’s most important to you?

Your priority goal may be to exercise more. Maybe you currently exercise once or twice a week and you simply want to work out a little more. The tips you choose from this list should support your goal to work out more. For example, you might add exercising during commercials to your daily routine.

One hack at a time. Hacks are almost like habits… almost. It can take time to integrate them into your daily routine. Choose one tip and focus on it. You may have a list of six to twelve that you want to add to your life right away. Choose the one that may have the biggest impact on your goals. Or choose the one that feels like it might be the easiest to embrace.

Give the tip at least a week to become part of your routine, and be patient. Sometimes it can take a week or two for something to feel natural. If your goal is to eat a healthy breakfast each morning, you might decide to prepare smoothie ingredients the night before. This tip requires planning and preparation to make it a reality. You’ll need to decide in advance what you’re going to do and how you’re going to add it to your nightly routine.

Match the tip to the goal, set a priority, and give it time. Small actions can make a big difference in your success. You get more from each effort, it’s easier to achieve your goals, and you may have more fun along the way.

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