A Great Attitude is Your Most Important Weight Loss Tool

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More than the perfect diet or exercise plan, your attitude is going to be your most important tool as you try to lose weight. Without the right attitude it doesn’t matter how great your diet plan is. Your attitude is what gets you to stick to that diet plan so you can actually get results.

When you wake up every morning you can choose to have a positive and excited attitude full of self-encouragement or you can wake up ready to allow yourself to be defeated. You have a lot of control over your inner dialogue, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

Do you ever have those moments where negative thoughts sneak into your mind without you realizing it? Well, the inner voice you control is much louder. You can drown out those thoughts and give yourself a new narrative.
Your attitude is everything. The second you allow yourself to think about how you’re going to fail, miss your workout, or overeat you’ve defeated yourself.

So, how do you take advantage of the power of positive attitude? It’s simple. You need to take steps each and every day to gain greater control of your own attitude.

The first step is to be more aware of it. It’s easy to tell when you’re tired or your feet hurt. It can be a little trickier to be aware of your attitude. Each morning and off and on throughout the day take a moment and think about how you feel right then. Consider how you feel the rest of the day is going to go and your progress towards your goals. Do you feel excited? Confident? Or do you feel worried you’re going to fail?

Once you know how you feel, practice methods of fostering a positive outlook. Affirmations are very powerful and simple. You create an affirmation using powerful words that remind you of what you’re going to do. You repeat them throughout the day to keep yourself pumped. “I am a powerful woman and I will make healthy choices today.”

Visualization is a great tool as well. Think about your end goal and visualize the differences once you get there. Think about being able to run outside and play with the kids or run up stairs without being out of breath. Visualize that outfit you want but can’t fit into quite yet. Get yourself excited. A little bit of enthusiasm will go a long way.

After a while managing your attitude will become second nature. This isn’t just helpful for weight loss either! It’s helpful for all aspects of your life. A positive attitude will help you work towards any goal you have for your life.

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