Does a 5 or 10 Minute Workout Really Do You Any Good?

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Most of us are short on time, but when it comes to physical activity, it’s important to our health that we squeeze in a workout at least a few times a week.

However, your busy schedule may have you asking: is a five or ten minute routine enough to even make a difference?

The short answer: most definitely!

While you might not be burning hundreds of calories with a short routine, doing anything is definitely better than doing nothing.

You can still get your heart-pumping and your muscles burning so long as you pick the right moves.

Plus, if you rotate a muscle group with each short workout, you’ll be able to tone up your entire body with super targeted and super effective routines for different days on the week.

Plus, with just 10 minutes or so, you won’t have trouble finding the opportunity to complete the routine.

And, you won’t have a hard time warming up or recovering from such a short workout either.

That makes it all very convenient, and it sure beats sitting or doing nothing for that amount of time.

The number of calories you burn during your routine will vary, of course, based on the moves you’re doing and your body weight.

You can use a fitness band or an online calculator to help you determine just how many calories you’re burning if you’re doing cardio.

Strength training also burns calories but, more importantly, it helps you tone your muscles to fight fat and give you a nice and tight physique.

For best results, you should make time to mix both a cardio and strength training workout so that you can get the fat-burning effects of cardio while you get the body-toning effects of strength training.

You can even do strength training without any equipment, just look for a “bodyweight” workout that will use gravity and your own ligaments to work your legs, core, and arms.

It’s not hard to find short, at-home workout routines.

There are plenty of ones available for free online if you just look it up.

Focus on a single body region with each workout and alternate between 2-3.

For instance, you might do a leg workout on Monday, an arm workout on Tuesday, a core routine on Wednesday, and cardio on Thursday. With such a short workout, though, you shouldn’t have a problem committing to a daily video.

4 Ideas for Effective 10-Minute Workouts

Not everyone has the ability to exercise for an hour or two every day.

But, at the same time, everyone wants to be healthy and in shape.

Well thankfully, you can get a pretty good workout in just 10-minutes. In this article, you will see 4 ideas for effective 10-minute workouts.

Rocket Jumps

A great 10-minute workout to help both your legs and your overall cardio level involves doing rocket jumps.

For those who aren’t familiar with these, the idea behind a rocket jump is that you put both your hands on your knees, bend slightly, and then jump as high as you can while raising your arms above your head.

Repeat these jumps 15 to 20 times and then jog or walk for about a minute to recover.

Then do another set of jumps.

This whole workout takes less than 10-minutes and is surprisingly good cardio.


Lunges are an easy, effective way of exercising various muscles groups including your calves, buttocks, and knees.

An entire set of lunges can be done very quickly, and they also won’t make you sweaty, so they are a great option if you don’t have time to shower afterward.

With lunges, you want to do a set of 15 or 20 for each leg.

Also, you want to alternate between legs for maximum effect.


Squats are another really great exercise for a few reasons.

Much like lunges, squats are extremely easy to do.

Squats can also be done very quickly, which is another big bonus. Finally, squats are extremely effective.

They exercise a lot of key muscle groups, including your lower back, your legs, etc.

For a quick, 10-minute workout you should try extending your hands and bending your knees until they are as close to 90-degrees as you can get.

Repeat this 20 or so times then take a breather.

Do another set of 20 squats and you have yourself a good, quick workout that you can do in the mornings.

Resistance Band Workout

Have resistance bands?

If not, you should invest in some because they are extremely affordable and make great exercise tools.

Using resistance bands, you can easily get a very intense workout in under 10-minutes.

For example, put the resistance band under your feet and grab each end of the band.

Then pull the band up until your arms are fully extended to each side.

Repeat these 20 to 25 times for a really great workout that targets your biceps.

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