4 Reasons why the Mediterranean Diet is Great For The Long Term

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There is a major shortfall with most diets. They’re just not sustainable in the long run. You can’t be on a Lemonade diet forever. The same applies to the Atkins diet and many other diets. The reason for this is because, sooner or later, you’ll need to go back to your old way of eating… and once you do that, the pounds will start piling on again.

The Mediterranean Diet, however, is definitely sustainable in the long run because it is a non-restrictive diet. You’re not expected to reduce your carbohydrates excessively or adhere to severe restrictions. The Mediterranean Diet is focused on eating healthy foods in moderation.

By doing this alone, you will see your pounds melt off without you agonizing over food all the time. Most people on a diet struggle to cope with food cravings because the food they’re consuming is bland or lacking nutrients that their body needs.

Let’s look at why the Mediterranean Diet is so effective for keeping you slim and healthy in the long run.

1. Tasty, nutritious meals

There’s no denying that the Mediterranean Diet is tasty. Forget about bland, steamed chicken and boiled broccoli that makes you feel like you’re chomping on cardboard. With the Mediterranean Diet, the vegetables are sautéed with olive oil and you have tasty dishes to choose from. As long as you’re at a caloric deficit, you will lose weight.

2. Higher compliance rate

The main reason that most people give up on their diets fast is because the diets are just too tough. If you’ve been on a junk food diet for ages and suddenly switch to the Atkins or Lemonade diet, your body will get a shock from the sudden change.

Old habits die hard. You’ll crave for sugary, greasy or salty foods. It’s inevitable. By going from a poor diet to the Mediterranean Diet, you will still be able to eat good food but it’ll be healthy food and not detrimental foods such as French fries, etc.

You’ll feel more satiated and be much more likely to stay on a Mediterranean Diet instead of throwing in the towel.

3. Rich in essential fatty acids

The Mediterranean Diet is rich in omega-3 fatty acids due to the use of olive oil and the consumption of fatty fish. This is fantastic because our modern day diet has thrown the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids out of whack.

Once that happens, health problems such as inflammation, obesity, etc. start to occur. The Mediterranean Diet wards off poor health too. Studies have shown that this diet is very beneficial to those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

4. Is a diet for life

There is no fixed duration for the Mediterranean Diet because it’s a lifestyle choice. You can live a perfectly healthy life while being on this diet. As long as you watch your calories and eat in moderation, you will lose weight and be healthy.

To summarize, this is one of the best diets out there. Go ahead and get a recipe book for Mediterranean dishes and whip up some mouth-watering dishes for your family and yourself. Do note that junk foods and processed foods are NOT a part of the Mediterranean Diet. So, do cut these out and eat food that is not only healthy but tasty.

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