200 Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes Cookbook Review

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If you have hit a weight loss plateau after trying everything from the Paleo diet to counting calories, perhaps it’s time to try a different approach to burning unwanted fat. What you eat has a large impact on your weight loss results. Therefore, a change in diet can be all that you need to break the weight loss plateau. One unique dieting method that helps to encourage weight loss is Ketogenic eating. This low carb dieting approach can work wonders for those who have not tried it.

There are plenty of resources on the Internet that offer information on Ketogenic eating. However, if you want a practical guide on how to use this dieting method, then consider getting Dana Carpender’s cookbook titled “200 Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes”. If the high ratings and rave reviews that this cookbook has earned are anything to go by, then it is simply a must-read, especially for those who are struggling with weight loss. Here is a quick overview of what to expect should you choose to buy Dana Carpender’s Ketogenic dieting cookbook.

Features of the 200-Low Carb, High Fat Recipe Cookbook

This cookbook is ideal for both complete beginners and people who have a little bit of knowledge about low carb diets. Bestselling author, Dana Carpender, puts an emphasis of eating healthy fats and describes what oils, ingredients and macro-nutrients are good for you when on a Ketogenic diet. Next, she goes on to give up to 200 recipes to jumpstart your low carb, high fat diet.

The following are other key features and benefits of buying Dana Carpender’s Ketogenic cookbook:

• Available in different formats – The 200 Low-Carb, High-Fat recipe booklet is available as an e-book and printed paperback version. So, whether you prefer curling up with an actual hard copy or swiping through pages on an e-reader, you can read your book just the way you like it.

• Recipe ideals for every meal – Skeptics can easily dismiss Ketogenic eating coupled with high fat foods as just another fad diet. However, Dana Carpender proves that you can control your weight long term with a low carb, high fat diet by providing 200 recipe ideas for different meals such as breakfast, lunch, and supper. The cookbook even has creative recipe ideas for soups, side dishes, appetizers and sauces.

Is the 200-Low Carb, High Fat Recipe e-Book Worth Buying?

There is no shortage of recipe booklets these days that provide healthy dieting tips for weight loss. With all the numerous cookbooks that have been published, it can be daunting to find reliable editions. If you are considering Dana Carpender’s 200 Low-Carb, High Fat cookbook, it is worth noting that this edition has been highly rated by other readers. Some readers are pleased that the recipes are delicious and provide protein, carb, fat, as well as fiber info per serving. Many readers have seen weight loss results upon using the ideas shared in this book, which makes it a worthwhile investment if you are serious about living a healthy lifestyle.

• Available as an e-book and printed hardcover cookbook
• The book shares a wide variety of recipe ideas for every meal
• Simple recipe instructions
• Delicious Low-Carb, High Fat recipe ideas that deliver weight loss results

• The recipes include no pictures but instructions are easy to follow


Overall, Dana Carpender’s 200-Low Carb, High Fat Recipes cookbook offers good value for money. It’s not the kind of book that you will read once and toss away to gather dust. There are over 200 recipes to experiment with, which will make healthy cooking a fun experience. Best of all, you can get quite creative by adding a few tweaks to the various meal suggestions that are in the book.

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